Xbox 360 media library not updating

I had this problem, I went to Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network and Sharing Center → Media streaming options.On the "Xbox 360 device" next to the "allowed" drop down box was "customize".I assume that the way Homegroup works is that it runs some service in the background and that after a set period of time, this rescans shared folders and shares any new files found.Is there any way I can manually push files to the Homegroup so that they are available as soon as I add them to one of my shared libraries? I'm trying to share videos with my Xbox 360 via Home Group.

Note, the first time I did this, I was in my Videos Library, and when WMP restarted, it proceeded to rescan my music library as well creating duplicate entries for every song!

I’ve been in the process of tidying up the videos which we share around the house, i.e.

Now Windows 7 is supposed to have these libraries, controlled by the OS, where you store all your music, videos, documents etc.

The list of directories that are visible are All, Dates, Folders, Internet, Internet Playlists, Tags and Video Indexes. I've tried reading through the tutorials but they're all based on an ancient version of the 360 dashboard. I was having this problem as well and I just fixed it a second ago.

I went to the settings tab on the tversity program on my computer, then I clicked on the folder icon on the left side of the screen labeled media library.

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