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As you can probably already guess we’re still waiting for our money to return after 3 months.

Just for you to know, his pseudo at Ebay is gangster-5000.

He said that Thomas Lautenbach is trying to leave Germany and run away to the USA and Canada.

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Please come back often as we are always updating with new information. com: (These websites are not active for the time being).

bye, V Everdinen ---------------------------------- Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to inform you on the couple of Thomas Lautenbach and Olesya Lautenbach who defrauded our client, too.

Our client sold them several model trains and was not paid in full.

Now we tracked them down at Thomas Lautenbach Olesya Lautenbach Alsenstraße 3 D-23556 Luebeck Germany Fax: 004945140039084 Suing him seems not to be promising, for the bailiff told us he is broke, made an affidavit and lives on his wife.

Suing her and contacting the district attorney seems to be the right way, though. R Bamberg / Germany ---------------------------------------- - Anna Savitskaya (If this is her real name) is a translation scammer.

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