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I began to shift identity and I could say “I am my own essence, and not my ego.” As you begin to identify with your own essence, and you share that with 2 or more .I say to most people; don’t try to do this all alone.

It is the rising up of energy and matter, into billions and billions of galaxies and the formation of trillions of planetary systems including our planet earth.The other side of conscious evolution is the awareness that we can now evolve ourselves consciously. TA: The book beautifully describes the shift – how we (all of humanity) are in the process of moving to a new level of consciousness.If I were attuned to being aware of how this new consciousness was unfolding/being revealed in my life, what kinds of things would I be thinking, saying or doing?It is the animal life and human life on earth…and now our awareness of our own evolution and our affect on it.No matter what your opinion of it is, it’s a complete mystery story.

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