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Talbot’s defense attorney, Walt Mc Kee, also did not return calls for comment Wednesday.According to the civil complaint filed last year, Talbot allegedly assaulted a 9-year-old boy on several occasions in early 1998 while acting as a priest at St. The complaint alleged that Talbot used his position in the church, and as a Jesuit and Cheverus teacher, to befriend the boy and his family.Dawber also was suspected of sexually abusing boys, according to the Globe. AT LEAST TWO OTHER ALLEGED VICTIMS It’s not clear how widespread Talbot’s abuse might have been in Maine, but there were at least two more alleged victims here.Michael Doherty, a Freeport man, filed a lawsuit in 1998 alleging that Talbot molested him in the mid-1980s at Cheverus.He said that after Talbot’s prison sentence in 2011, he was laicized by the Vatican, which means he is no longer a priest.He has, however, remained a Jesuit, Benigno said, and has been living at the Vianney Renewal Center – a church-owned facility in Dittmer, Missouri, that provides housing and counseling to priests and former priests, including many who have been suspected or convicted of sexual abuse.Long before the allegations at Boston College High became public, Talbot was transferred in 1980 to Cheverus High School, a Jesuit-run private school in Portland.He taught alongside former longtime track coach Charles Malia, who admitted in 2000 that he abused boys at the school. Steven Dawber, Cheverus’ president when Talbot was transferred there, worked with Talbot at Boston College High and recommended that he join him at Cheverus. John Keegan, a former president of Cheverus, has said the school was unaware of the incidents in Boston when Talbot and Dawber were hired.

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There have been numerous allegations of child sexual abuse against Talbot, both from when he was at Cheverus and at Boston College High School in the 1970s, involving multiple victims.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland referred all questions to the USA Northeast Province of the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits.

Jesuits are an order of the Catholic Church whose members focus on education and evangelization.

They serve the universal church rather than any specific diocese or archdiocese, said Michael Benigno, a spokesman for the Northeast Province.

In a written statement, Benigno said the province was aware of the new charges against Talbot.

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