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China shares a long, porous border with Vietnam across which traffickers can easily spirit girls like Ly’s cousin.

They pluck them from all over the region, luring or simply seizing them with a range of methods, from pretend romances to promises of employment to forcing them in a car and driving off.

“I think they felt life would be tough here, and they didn’t see much hope,” Gilbert said.

“I guess they decided to go together, or maybe one first made that decision and then worked on the other until she agreed as well.

The Black Hmong and Red Dzao people who predominate here are no exception; Sapa’s tourism explosion has engendered a new normal of interacting with outsiders, leaving minorities perhaps even more exposed.

I caught wind of what was happening in Sapa in late 2012.

There was a buzz about girls who “go to China” or “get stolen” that if you were paying attention was impossible to miss.

One only needed to chat with the minority women hawking textiles in the street, shoot pool with the proprietor of a hotel or hang around Sapa O’Chau to begin to grasp the extent of the phenomenon. Some girls were taken outright, but others went of their own volition, spurred by a bad home life, an abusive husband or some dreaded, inescapable fate.

Her fine black hair hung in a long ponytail over the back of her handmade outfit.

But three of their own classmates had vanished down the mountain.

One girl had been taken in the same manner as Ly’s cousin. They had wanted to be tour guides, but their lack of English made this unlikely.

The most common scene shows a girl in a forest, trailing a male figure grabbing her by the wrist.

“They may pretend to be your friend so they can take you away,” a tiny scrawl reads.

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