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His disinterested-ness was just one of the reasons why she had given up on him. He had been foolish to believe Blaise and him might be roomed together, as the Blond and him had rooms 2 stories apart, 134.But he was still not done with the 'My mark on the world' part. He was so busy rifling through the briefcase that he did not notice the footsteps coming up in front of him. He decided it was too much, and apparated away from Harry's too-friendly smile and all the harsh looks, the desolate manor looking pretty good right now.He should have, due to the shifting crowd and the bemused gasps, but Draco was not one for listening skills. Chapter 2: Room Management Draco folded the last of his standard wizarding robes before laying his favorite blue-silk one on top.And it wasn't like anyone from syltherin- er, anyone adverse to him, was willing to chat over a cup of tea. You do not get off it just because you're the Hero of the Wizarding World, I'm afraid." He smiled his business smile and continued.He smiled though, more of a lopsided grin, and addressed the crowd with a cleared throat. "I do hope you become an Auror, you're quite fit for it. I haven't got a clue for what to say to the 'My mark on the world' part." ~.~.~.~. One, the bustling bodies on either side of him was quite distracting from the stage. He was watching Harry Potter embarrass himself into oblivion onstage. Potter was a dream come true to us, saving us with his testimony from Azkaban.

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