Retrospeed dating websites

Saying ‘yes’ means you’re open more organic encounters and opportunities to meet new people.

This is especially true in summer when everybody and their neighbour are having barbecues, house parties, and Sunday arvo beach sessions.

Worst case scenario you have a funny story to tell your mates after and who knows, maybe your act of bravery will encourage others.Before online dating there was speed dating, which is essentially offline Tinder without the sore thumb from swiping.Retro speed dating nights are reportedly making a come back with some quirky angles.But we have to ask, although we may be meeting more people through online dating, are our dating lives enriched by the experiences or is there something to be said for meeting new people without a dating app? They let you meet people near you, and you can talk to them and they can talk to you and it’s really cool until you realise that you have Tinder-thumb and that using the app doesn’t make you happier or feel better about yourself.Sometimes it can even leave you feeling lonelier than before.

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