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”) Sometimes she tells them what she thinks they want to hear, even if it’s a lie, in hopes that they’ll finally leave her in peace.

But Lisa is the first to admit that she doesn’t really want them to go away.

Authorities say they’re working on Jessica’s case full time and are finally making progress, but it’s been months since Lisa has heard any updates, she said, and most of Jessica’s friends don’t stop by that often anymore.“I don’t want to close the computer, because I don’t want to close my eyes,” Lisa said.

“If I close them, I see her burning.” At around 5 p.m. 6, Jessica told her mother she was going out to the gas station and convenience store down the road.

Why does your white truck look like the white truck that a commenter said might belong to the murderer? If locals engage with their interrogators, they end up arguing all day with people they’ve never met.

They can’t avoid suspicion by staying offline, either, because when they do so, they appear even guiltier.

Her husband, Ben, Jessica’s father, is a mechanic at the Sheriff's Department, so the police had called them first.“I just didn’t believe it,” Lisa said. Jessica did go to the gas station after getting a call from a friend — surveillance video captured her pumping gas and waving to someone off camera — but then she made a few more stops, one at an unnamed residence and another in a town five miles away, before she arrived at the scene of the crime, a rural road about a mile away from the gas station, by .

She was dramatic and feisty, smoked pot, and sometimes hung around with a rough crowd.

But Jessica was also a sweetheart: bubbly, loyal, and generous, too, the kind of girl who would give you her last dollar if you needed cheering up.“It’s the most baffling case I’ve ever worked on,” said District Attorney John Champion, who said he’s worked for the county for 22 years. They’ve interviewed and in some cases reinterviewed more than 130 people, Champion said, including multiple Erics and Derricks.

Later, investigators said they believed the killer had been in her car before setting it alight.“Eric did this to me,” Jessica told medics over and over again in a raspy whisper, although no one knows whom she meant.

(Authorities won’t confirm her last words on the record, but that’s what they told her father and a few potential leads.) Then, she stopped talking. Courtland and surrounding Panola County, population 34,000, has its share of gang violence and drug activity. But Jessica’s mysterious, gruesome death shocked the whole town.

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