Government mandating digital tv

"These kinds of policies make a lot of sense." "This is really going to help spur investment in our industry," said Jim Grey, chief executive of IGPC Ethanol Inc.and chair of Renewable Industries Canada, the national association of biofuel producers."It is probably the most significant, and one of the quicker ways that the government can help move toward its target on GHG reductions," Grey said in a phone interview.The federal government is in the midst of creating a new cleaner fuel standard that could involve mandating an increase in the minimum required ethanol content nationally, currently set at five per cent.Ontario is the first province to propose forcing fuel suppliers to put at least 10 per cent ethanol in regular gasoline. The current minimum ethanol content requirement is five per cent. Solis/The Associated Press) Transportation produces about one-third of Ontario's carbon emissions, more than any other sector."It's a really important move to make sure we're de-carbonizing our transportation sector," said Erin Flanagan, a director of policy for the Pembina Institute.An ethanol company was the biggest corporate donor to the Ontario Liberal Party in recent years, a CBC News investigation found in 2016. Environmental Protection Agency announced that refiners must use 15 billion gallons of conventional renewable fuels (predominantly ethanol) next year, holding steady with the quota it set for 2017.

Would-be Australians praise the nation's democracy and laws, and promise to be loyal to the country.

The government has amended the Prevention of Money Laundering rules keeping the deadline for mandatory quoting of Aadhaar and permanent account number for financial transactions, including opening a bank account open-ended in place of the December 31.

The department of revenue under the finance ministry has issued a new set of rules amending the PMLA rules (maintenance of records), 2005.

If your cable operator does not resolve your concern, you may file a complaint with the FCC and/or your local franchise authority.

To file your complaint with the Commission, click on Complaints.

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