Gay dating hiv positive

Two decades ago, virtually no one there was HIV-positive.

By 1992 an estimated 20 percent of sexually active adults were infected.

The HIV rate was estimated to be 18 percent at the time, and here I was trying to explain how mathematical models were going to help.

They listened, and then at the end, one man raised his hand and asked, ‘Could your model handle more than one partner at a time? The others sat down with me and said I had to include concurrent partnerships in my model.

Yet this country, with all these advantages, has the highest HIV-infection rate in the world.

The virus has spread extremely rapidly in Botswana.

Education is free, corruption is rare, crime rates are low, and the nation has never been at war.

Citizens are loyal: A visitor quickly learns that even mild criticism of anything related to Botswana is considered impolite.

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Such numbers are astronomical compared with most of the world.

But most Africans with HIV claim never to use drugs, engage in prostitution, or have large numbers of sexual partners.

To explain the high infection rates, scientists have advanced theories ranging from nutritional deficiencies to more virulent HIV strains to different sexual customs.

By 1995 that proportion had reached one-third, and today it is roughly 40 percent.

In , Botswana’s second largest city, nearly half of all pregnant women in the main hospital test positive for HIV.

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