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Six such games are illustrated, originally published in 17C Germany.The rules of each are contrasted with those of the parent game of Goose.

The focus is on games that have Europe as their theme or have an international dimension within Europe, giving insights into international relationships, perceptions – and misconceptions – at various points in history.All lists must be regarded as incomplete, for it is inevitable that many games are lost over the years.Nevertheless, for the years to the end of the 19 century. 218-219) lists 19 French games up to that date under the heading “Jeux à cartes geographiques”, though these include one that is not a race game and five re-editions.The Buijnsters (2005) list perhaps another five published in the Netherlands, ignoring re-editions of French games.For Italy, Mascheroni and Tinti (1981) mention a few map–based games.

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