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(My dad's favorite Dynamic Duo.) I certainly do AND the Green Hornet.

I also remember watching (with my grandfather) Walter Cronkite's 20th Century and Ted Mack while I waited for Disney's Wonderful World of Color on Sunday!

And when you got to college, slide rules were allowed in tests, but those new-fangled pocket calculators were considered cheating. You used Ipana toothpaste (and remember the name of its mascot).*ETA: Okay, so Lisa is TRUELY a 50-somethinger (or is that 50-somethingite?

You know who Zachery, and the Jelly Beaner were (not at all associated with each other).

Dad wouldn't let me wear them to the movie theater. Of course there was a lot of work required for that money, but I didn't think twice about it. Yesterday, when I was filling up the car, I remembered collecting 25 cents apiece from the other gals in the car to pay for gas.

Embroidery floss (I learned early) at 10 cents a skein.

:-)Milk deliveries that came with little toy plastic cows showing the different breeds.

Aluminum Christmas trees with color-wheels to shine four different colors on them since it wasn't safe to put regular lights on the metal trees.

So I do, in fact, remember operators and 3-digit numbers. We also had a Bank of America savings plan - you could bring your passbook and money to school on Tuesday.

It was returned to you sans money, passbook stamped with your new amount, on Fridays. I remember getting my first pair of jeans when I was 11. I was uptown - got 50 cents a week in the early 60s.

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