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It supports Christian services and organizations that seek to spread the gospel around the world.

It supports nonprofit institutions, communities, and organizations that support research, medical, health, educational, sports, social services, and artistic programs in communities across the nation. The Trust provides grants that help start new ministries or new programs or expand current programs.It gives internationally and nationally, stressing Chattanooga.It is the largest of a group of four family foundations that are committed to "fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through strategic giving." The foundation provides financial and leadership training to local organizations that enhance the spiritual wellbeing of the Commission by working "to extend the Kingdom of God to every tribe, nation, person, and tongue." Toward that end, the foundation offers consulting services, equipment, general/operating support, program development and evaluation, and seed money to Christian organizations. The New York City-based American Bible Society is a foundation that translates, publishes, and distributes the Bible in every language it can.It is also known for producing televised religious broadcasts for ministries that spread the gospel worldwide. Its participating churches include Legacy Churches, Good Steward Ministry Churches, Member Asset Management Churches, Member Churches.It also offers stewardship education as well as development programs that facilitate stewardship "based on God's ownership of all gifts." Website: Bulow Campbell Foundation is an independent foundation from Atlanta, Georgia.

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