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But he did, however, leave his phone behind showing he had called her just before we left the bar.I proceeded to have a text conversation with her (while she was laying in bed with HER spouse) and was able to confirm they were indeed still have a relationship. 15 years of marriage down the drain for a cheap woman. I found out that they were having an affair on August 23rd three days before my birthday (happy birthday to me right). He got on his hands and knees and begged me to let him stay. Days later come to find out that he admitted to messing up and sleeping with this hooker. She continued to persue him which in time messed with the boyfriends head. She began engaging him right away and he was all to happy to respond to her advances.

She’s a sociopathic LVN and would hope any company or any person that gets involved with her BEWARE! Her husband said he got her a boob job so she would be more appealing to other married men. Women, unless your into swinging I’d keep a close eye on your man if she’s anywhere around.He doesn’t care that he is breaking up a marriage and now the family is paying the price. I have recently found out that this woman Lauri crooks Martin has been having fair with my husband. This HOMEWRECKER Stacey Elizabeth Mejia only was married but was sleeping my husband for months before her husband sent me an email telling me what had been going on.When I found out I kicked him out and he got an apartment with her.Nancy Hernandez (Prieto) pretended like she wanted to get to know me and become my friend because I had once taken care of her son when he was sick as a patient in my hospital.It turns out the only thing she was worried about getting to know was my husband.

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