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The chest may be puffed up also as their anger increases.

As the man or the works their way through their emotions you may see them take deep breathes. Now there are times where you can’t see the rib cages of most people with clothes on but with anger you may see the excessive or deep breathing as the frustration builds You will also want to make sure that you keep away from pointing and also watch your proximity to the person who is either frustrated and make sure you stay out of their bell bubble.

Concluding that someone is cold hearted from a single meeting is another case of ignoring context.

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If, for example, one is speaking honestly with the palms up (an honest gesture) we can say that the body language and verbal language are congruent.They may make a fist with their hands or the fist may be used as control to hold back from doing something they might regret.The man or the woman may push away their frustrations or throw their hands up in the air The movements that you may see with the arms and hands may seem frantic especially the more angry that the man or the woman becomes.The more cues that appear in association with other cues, the more accurate one can be about the underlying meaning.It isn’t impossible to see cue clusters in the six’s and sevens or higher.

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