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At home the sheets can be spread by continuously pulling the sheet of dough with one's fingers until it becomes less than a millimeter thin, or by using a rolling-pin in several stages with sunflower oil sprinkled between the partially spread leaves, or by a very difficult technique comprising waving movements of the entire sheet over the head of the cook, which resembles pizza dough making techniques.Commercially available sheets are mechanically spread and somewhat dried before packing. The traditional filling is made of crushed white cheese (sirene, feta cheese), yogurt, and eggs.The banitsa is then sprinkled with sunflower oil or melted butter and baked.In Bulgaria, banitsa is a symbol of Bulgarian cuisine and traditions.The same can be said about a very badly crushed car after an accident.

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Sweet fillings with apples (similar to apple pie or strudel) or pumpkin with sugar, walnuts and cinnamon exist as well.

In a large greased baking dish, individual sheets are layered one by one with small amounts of filling and sunflower oil or/and melted butter between them.

After half of the sheets are placed in the pan, a large portion of the filling is spooned onto the leaves and is then covered with the remaining sheets and filling in the same manner. In some recipes, just before the banitsa is finished, a glass of lemonade or sparkling water is poured into the tray, and the baking continues for several more minutes.

In some regions, only the walnuts, sugar, and cinnamon are used.

Banitsa with milk is made by baking the leaves soaked in milk with sugar, eggs and vanilla.

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