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White House officials said none of its female staffers skipped work. secretary general said the effective way to protect the rights of women is by prioritizing female empowerment.At the Capitol, more than 20 Democratic female lawmakers walked out in the early afternoon to speak to several hundred spectators who gathered as part of the nationwide protests. Antonio Guterres, speaking in Nairobi where he is on an official visit, said priority should be given for the “full presence of women” in government institutions, political systems and business, among other aspects of society.C., along with Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools in North Carolina.In Washington, Barbara and John Balducci, visiting the nation's capital from Atlanta, arrived early, also sporting red at Freedom Plaza — the gathering point for a women's rally.Lindsay Feldman took the day off her job as an attorney to "be here for the women who can't t take the day off from their families, and it's important our absence was felt in the workplace."Mikiko Convis, who works for the Los Angeles movie trailer firm The Big Picture, was there with her co-workers, who all got the day off from her boss."He said to take a paid day off- he doesn't agree with what's going on, and wanted their solidarity and support for us.

"We see the country more divided than ever."Sally Kline was protesting many things, but the global gag rule that Trump signed on day three of his presidency — was a high priority."With a stroke of a pen, he led to the death of thousands of women," she said, noting the rule's impact on health care.In Puerto Rico, more than 100 women clad in purple T-shirts blocked one of the island’s main highways as they linked arms and marched through the capital of San Juan at dawn.The group clutched large purple flags emblazoned with the female symbol and used bull horns to decry chauvinism and demand more reproductive rights, among other things as nearby drivers honked in support.' The Fearless Girl' statues stands across from the iconic Wall Street charging bull statue, March 8, 2017 in New York City."In Utah, as many as 1,000 women were expected to gather at the Capitol to remind lawmakers they are watching their actions on women’s issues. I., the municipal court planned to close because the demonstration in the city would leave the court without enough staff.Lovely Monkey Tattoo, a woman-owned tattoo parlor in Whitmore Lake, Mich., offered female-centric tattoos with messages like, “Nevertheless, She Persisted” for to 0, with proceeds going to the Ann Arbor chapter of Planned Parenthood.

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